Hannah Jung

Artist Statement

This body of artwork, “Led by the Light”, visualizes my spiritual journey of life and its beauty of the symbolic imageries in nature. As humans, we strive to find who we are and where we belong on earth. These integral questions in our minds through this journey allow us to utilize the natural world to touch the depths of our hearts that desire to seek the answers and understand our true identities. As the viewers cast their own imagination upon the images, these images are, in turn, transformed by impression from their own past and present and eventually arrive at their destinies in the future.

In order to capture its richness of the ethereal beauty on each stage of the journey, I work on a large number of paintings in a series, mainly focused on pure emotions of sky, water, and their various natural phenomena in surroundings. As nature begins to lose its concrete meaning, it starts expressing the essence of the image, its color, its smell, its movement, and its atmosphere. Herein, the realities of rock, trees, water, earth and sky are transformed into spiritual beings, intimate and personal. Such nature echoes the heartbeats of the Creator as a compassionate and loving father and speaks of hope and redemption, renewal, peace and serenity.

I believe art has the power to enlighten the eyes of viewers’ hearts to see ordinary nature as a new revelation. This journey into the divine realities of nature invites us to tap into the essential core of our own being. My paintings are meant to encourage the viewers to have these spiritual experiences through their own personal perceptions and interpretations.

On- 8 Departure 2430


24" x 30"
Oil on canvas