Hannah Jung


My artwork visualizes the substantial reality of being alive through the abstract organic forms.
At each stage in the life cycle, a patch of ordinary life becomes evidence of being alive or a trail of life. In this innermost beauty of truth, I find an emblem of hope and potential for the future, or a memento to the past. Through such contemplation, I search for the states of energy and currents in the atmosphere that impact our surrounding environment at each transitory moment. The seemingly meaningless repeated brushstrokes are transformed into a tangible reality where the physical materials become immaterial. As a whole, this body of work will exhibit qualities of transcendence, reflection, pure emotion or contemplation.

Oil Works on canvas

In this body of work, the sense of movement in organic forms remains the most vital component in increasingly complex compositions. These images are shifted and changed with the movement of the viewer and with changing light conditions throughout the day. The use of monochromatic colors was a conscious decision made to maintain the highest level of purity and directness within the work. By building up layer upon layer of oil paint with monochromatic tones and values in abstract forms, I create literal and illusionistic depths that are both visually complex and emotionally captivating. Through the result of both an additive and subtractive process, the large swathes of multi-layered color rendered in shifts of variegated hues, organically build up the forms that are in flux. This intuitive and process-oriented body of work as a whole reveals an ongoing dialogue within the language of abstract forms that are always somehow related to the logic of representation.

Ink & Gouache Work

Through this process, I create the structures of organic forms in a space where constant tensions of emptiness and being, object and field, movement and stasis confront each other. The rhythms and undulating movements of the organic remnants intensify invisible structures and motions of inner liveliness in stillness. These optical vibrations in subtle tonal shifts of transparent marks echo the musical notes that unite the whole into a subtly composed symphony in musical movement. Possible extensions of the natural and un-natural world are shown through the artistic embodiments of a complex human mind that is constantly in motion.